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COVID-19 has created enormous challenges for communities, households, and businesses in North Carolina. In this website, we explore the differential impacts by leveraging timely information from a variety of public and private data sources.

What Job Openings Tell Us About Pandemic Employment and the Economic Recovery

By Kshitiz Khanal and Nichola Lowe

By April 2020 unemployment in the US reached a historic high, hitting communities of color, and low-earning workers among them, the hardest. We trace the uneven recovery of the economy in North Carolina by examining the jobs openings posted online.

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Outside Of Metropolitan Areas, Housing Sales And Prices Are Up

By Ethan Sleeman

While demand for housing is up across the State, further analysis suggests that there are distinct differences in home sale and price trends between central, outlying, and non CBSA counties. Areas outside urban cores, with historically lower sale prices, are seeing significant growth in sales, as well as wide fluctuations in prices, possibly suggesting a surging interest in living outside the state’s central urban areas.

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Home Sale Indicators Show Strongest Growth in a Decade, but Lagging Supply is Cause for Concern

By Ethan Sleeman

North Carolina has seen a drop in residential construction permitting during the pandemic, but sales of single-family homes have increased. What does this mean for the state's economy?

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Track the impact of Covid across many indicators

We compiled many indicators in Social, Environment, Economy and Transportation domains.